Wright Hearing

David WrightWright Hearing offers you the right hearing solution in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

At Wright Hearing, we can offer you free lifetime aftercare at the right price.

Wright Hearing is a local independent hearing care company, focusing on customer service and aftercare and providing the latest hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers. We cover all areas of Northern Ireland and a large area of the Republic as well.

At Wright Hearing, we pride ourselves on our commitment to provide you with the right hearing aid to meet your needs, outstanding service and lifetime aftercare, as well as excellent value for money. Wright Hearing guarantees that you will save a considerable amount if you compare us to any of the national hearing aid companies – for exactly the same product.

Wright Hearing is run by David Wright, a Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist since 1997 and a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists. This body ensures it’s members continue their professional development with ongoing training in the very latest advancements in hearing aid technology, testing and aftercare support, thereby maintaining the very highest standards of competency within the industry. Since 1997, David Wright has helped thousands of clients to rediscover the many benefits of better hearing.

This doesn’t just mean supplying the hearing aids to clients, but also monitoring your progress in the first weeks after fitting, making sure your hearing is rehabilitated gradually during the acclimatization process as well as continuing to look after all of your hearing care needs in the years to come. So, if the hearing aids need to be fine tuned or serviced in-house, you’ll always be welcome to come back to see us – without any further charge involved.

A one-hour consultation could change the way you hear – permanently.

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